Re-connecting with purpose

After months of turmoil, and as businesses are reawakening, the HR Leadership Summit comes back as the premier and largest HCM conference in Belgium.

If expectations from the HR community for going back to physical events and re-connecting with peers are high, many companies will undoubtedly maintain social restrictions for some time. Consequently, the Summit 2022 will meet all expectations by exploiting exploit the best of the physical and virtual worlds to deliver outstanding content and networking experience.

riefly said: the Summit 2022 will be your magnifying glass to the new organizational, operational, social and technological factors that are reshaping an HCM function in full motion. The definitive place to learn from extraordinary keynote speakers and real-world cases. The chance to identify actionable ideas that bring real value to your organization. And your greatest opportunity to reconnect with HCM peers from Belgium and abroad.

As a fabulous network of CHROs and HCM Leaders, the Summit 2022 will bring a uniquely spontaneous and straightforward atmosphere. It will be highly actionable, interactive and inspiring.

We look forward to welcoming you there!