Work, workforce and workplace in motion: what comes next?

The Summit 2022 will explore how new work models, organization structures, mobile workers, hybrid workplaces and emerging technologies are redesigning how and where work gets done, and how HR departments should embrace all those elements to deliver the new hybrid workplace, accelerate work simplification, envision the technology makeup for everyday work, and foster new employee experiences outside the conventional spheres.

Next to this, it will examine how new business and social imperatives remodel organizational effectiveness, nurture talent strategies and reshape the rules of workforce productivity and efficiency.

A strong line-up of speakers -inspiring CHROs, maverick thinkers and visionary industry experts- enhanced by real-world cases and research-based guidance will bring the summit well beyond traditional HCM debates. The program will also highlight how new technologies and solutions can help HR organizations capture new opportunities and re-imagine impactful scenarios in a variety of strategic and operational areas including:

Workplace as-a-Service:
the new foundation of
the HR function?

AI + ML + Big Data : the
technology make-up of
workplace modernization

Creating new, really
meaningful employee

The future industrial
workplace: hyper productive,
hyper automated?

People engagement: assessing
the new cultural and
productivity imperatives

How nextgen
workplaces redefine HR
strategies and models

the real changing nature
of work

Digital innovation vs
workplace vision: a new
critical balancing act

Re-thinking talent
acquisition & sourcing

From digital workplace to data-driven HR intelligence

Navigating the L&D and reskilling revolution

Experience + engagement + productivity: the hybrid workplace equation