Workforce 4.0:
driving new HR value and purpose

The Summit 2020 will explore how social, societal, digital and generational forces are converging to shape the workforce 4.0 in the context of collective intelligence, human-machine collaboration, simplification of work, contingent workforce, and people productivity.

It will also examine how HR departments should envision their talent strategies, organizational structures and operating HR model to reconsider how work gets done, redefine new skills and roles within the workplace, and reshape the HR value proposition beyond the conventional spheres.

A strong line-up of speakers -inspiring CHROs, maverick thinkers and visionary industry experts- enhanced by real-world cases and research-based guidance will bring the summit well beyond traditional HRM debates. The program will also highlight how new technologies and solutions can help HR organizations capture new opportunities and re-imagine impactful scenarios in a variety of strategic and operational areas including:

HR as a service: balancing
the myth and realities

Envisioning and delivering
the workplace 4.0

Creating new, really meaningful
employee experiences

People engagement: assessing
the new cultural and
productivity imperatives

Elaborating new compensation
& rewards models that really
work and deliver

Preparing for the 4.0 era at the intersection of AI, robotics and
connected workers

Re-imagining talent acquisition and sourcing in 2020 and beyond

World of work 4.0: which metrics
and KPIs really matter?

Delivering HR 4.0 with purpose,
impact and meaning: are you ready?